CommSoft, a leading provider of BSS/OSS and service activation software, announced today that Alaska Communications Systems has selected CommSoft to provide a managed services solution for its wireless business for a five-year period.  This solution includes iCommVergence (billing software), CR&CM Suite (Customer Relationship & Campaign Management), VTC (service activation), and Inventory.

Taken together these powerful solutions provide ACS with an integrated toolset to help provide exceptional customer service while leaving the back office duties to CommSoft.  Provisioning of these services will be automated using CommSoft’s VTC product, which will also be used to audit billing records and eliminate costly errors.  CommSoft’s Inventory System will provide ACS with the ability to automatically track orders, purchases, projects and work orders right back to specific General Ledger account numbers.  The CR&CM application includes automatic marketing capabilities, tracking, and analysis, making it easier for CSRs and marketing personnel to operate within one seamless framework to manage and concurrently market to customers.

“Our assessment is that iCommVergence will help us reduce implementation risk and create a more seamless automated workflow for our wireless business,” said Russell Girten, ACS vice president, process transformation & information technology.  “In working with the CommSoft team, we believe we have found a partner that can successfully and economically meet our requirements.”

“We are so proud of this engagement since it shows how far CommSoft has come and how our solutions have matured,” said Larry Davis, CommSoft President & CEO.  “CommSoft has evolved into a major force as a BSS/OSS provider with a company of this size choosing us.”

About Alaska Communications Systems
The ACS wireless operations include a statewide 3G CDMA network, reaching across Alaska from the North Slope to Ketchikan, with coverage extended via best-in-class CDMA carriers in the Lower 49 and Canada.  By investing in the fastest-growing market segments and attracting the highest-quality customers, ACS seeks to drive top and bottom-line growth, while continually improving customer experience and cost structure through process improvement.  More information can be found on the company’s website at or at its investor site at

About CommSoft
CommSoft provides communication service providers with software solutions to conduct their customer care, billing, and provisioning operations accurately and seamlessly.  Video, Voice, and Data services can be bundled, activated, and billed with ease.  Our BSS/OSS system allows you to provide convergent bills and enjoy more solution depth than any other provider.  Our powerful service activation engine integrates with virtually any network device or system.  Our CABS, financials, web care, and workforce management solutions complete this offering.  Stand-alone or together, our systems help you to provide any telecom service out there.  For more information, go to

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Sales & Marketing Coordinator Director, Corporate Communications
CommSoft Alaska Communications Systems
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