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CommSoft, a leading provider of OSS/BSS and service activation software, announced today that Innovative Communication Corporation (ICC) has selected has selected iCommVergence, its flagship OSS/BSS solution.  iCommVergence will bill, bundle, market, and manage converged services for Voice, Video, Internet, and Wireless services.

ICC was looking to increase the efficiency of its customer service processes thus enhancing the experience that their 125,000+ customers will encounter when calling in.  “We found that ICC had a real challenge we could help with.  They wanted to compete in a competitive environment while also taking great care of their customers.  Now withiCommVergence, they will be able to offer wireless, and any other new service, quickly and accurately,” said Larry Davis, CommSoft President and CEO.

Clarke Garnett, CEO of Innovative Communication Corp., said, “We needed to improve the efficiency of our ordering and billing processes while consolidating multiple trouble ticketing and workforce scheduling applications.  The CommSoft solutions will allow ICC to offer superior customer service and help compete in a competitive wireless environment.  What they have to offer made it very easy for us to choose CommSoft as we move forward with our business strategy.”

About Innovative Communication Corporation
Innovative Communication Corp. (ICC) is the market leader in the US Virgin Islands (USVI), providing a broad range of telecommunications and cable TV services. ICC’s family of services for both the business and residential markets include local telephonelong-distanceinternetcable TVwireless and business phone systems.

ICC prides itself on being the premier quality service provider in the USVI. Some of the specific benefits their customers receive are: bundled multi-service discounts through their Innovative Advantage program, custom solutions for many of their business and government clients, one-stop, convenient customer service through their integrated billing and customer service centers, and the dedication & commitment of their employees to serving ICC’s customers.

About CommSoft
CommSoft provides communication service providers with software solutions to conduct their customer care, billing, and provisioning operations accurately and seamlessly.  Video, Voice, and Data services can be bundled, activated, and billed with ease.  Our BSS/OSS system allows you to provide convergent bills and enjoy more solution depth than any other provider. Our powerful service activation engine integrates with virtually any network device or system.  Our CABS, financials, web care, and workforce management solutions complete this offering. Stand-alone or together, our systems help you to provide any telecom service out there.  For more information, go to www.commsoft.net.

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