CommSoft, a leading provider of BSS/OSS and service activation software, announced today that their 22nd Annual User Group Conference will be September 18-21 this year in Denver, Colorado at The Brown Palace Hotel.  It is being sponsored by BillSoft Inc., Curbstone Corporation, Mapcom Systems, and OSG Billing Services.


BillSoft provides outstanding value to clients through innovation, best of class solutions to challenging issues, and legendary support.  BillSoft is a results driven organization that values intelligent associates, customer support, individual responsibility, quality products, personal and company integrity, working together, loyalty, and fun.  All products, services, and support furnished by BillSoft are USA SOURCED.

BillSoft’s “Your Total Tax Solution” provides transaction taxation solutions for businesses,  The offering consists of an array of products and services for automated tax calculation, tax filing, geocoding, address verification and validation, tax customization, product bundling, tax reference, and consulting.  For more information, please visit


Curbstone Corporation’s Curbstone Card payment server software provides real-time credit card processing capabilities, seamlessly integrated to CommSoft’s iCommV/CommV.  This native, PCI-validated software securely links toiCommV/CommV through a CommSoft-developed API.  It delivers card processing for point-of-sale, mail order, call center and/or e-commerce transactions, with 3½-second authorizations.  It supports all merchant banks.  Curbstone’s excellent support is delivered 24×365, and, like our software, has drawn rave reviews from nearly 300 corporate, government, institutional, and university clients.  Visit

Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4® Solutions – a Geographical Operations System (GOS) software suite enablingtelecommunications providers to integrate and correlate data from existing billing, accounting, GPS tracking, and network monitoring applications with a geographically-correct land base map.  In addition, Mapcom provides customer-focused implementation, training, and consulting services.  For more information, please visit


OSG Billing Services provides fast, accurate, and dependable invoice presentment and distribution services.  As a trusted partner, we advise customers on direct billing strategies to improve the overall quality of the invoice and increase customer satisfaction.  With a proven-process for invoice design, setup, and production, we can get invoices into the consumers’ hands quickly and error-free.  We guarantee it.  Visit


About CommSoft

CommSoft provides communication service providers with software solutions to conduct their customer care, billing, and provisioning operations accurately and seamlessly.  Video, Voice, Data, and Wireless services can be bundled, activated, and billed with ease.  Our BSS/OSS system allows you to provide convergent bills and enjoy more solution depth than any other provider.  Our powerful service activation engine integrates with virtually any network device or system.  Our CABS, financials, web care, and workforce management solutions complete this offering.  Stand-alone or together, our systems help you to provide any telecom service out there.  For more information, go

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