CommSoft,  a leading provider of BSS/OSS and service activation software, announced today that Arvig Enterprises, Inc. (Arvig) has purchased CommBI, CommSoft’s flexible and scalable business intelligence and reporting tool that is integrated with iCommVergence, CommSoft’s flagship BSS/OSS solution.

Arvig was looking for a solution to the growing stream of requests for a wide variety of business information.  Their technical people were spending excessive valuable time building sequel queries and writing reports, and they wanted a product that both displayed their up-to-date key business metrics and also made it easy for users to do their own ad hoc reporting.  CommBI solves both needs in one package.

“We have found CommSoft to be a stable, well-run software provider staffed by people who take the time to listen to the needs of their customers, and then deliver products that address those needs,” said Bill Pawlowski, Director of Information Systems, Arvig Enterprises, Inc.  “It made sense for us to work with the people at CommSoft given their long history of delivering telecommunications solutions.”

While CommBI is fully integrated with CommSoft’s billing solutions, it is not limited to our database.  CommBI can be easily integrated with Arvig’s other systems, giving them one virtual metadatabase in which they can build dashboards, view trending, and get a total view of their entire business.

“Arvig was looking for a simpler way to more efficiently view the historical data in their systems and utilize it in their reporting and planning,” said Jim Jackson, CTO and VP of Development for CommSoft.  “Manually pulling the information together wasn’t an efficient use of their employees’ time, and they wanted a simpler solution.  CommBI provides Arvig with efficiency and empowers them to make better executive decisions.”

About Arvig Enterprises, Inc.
Arvig Enterprises, Inc., established in 1950, is a family-owned business with its corporate headquarters in Perham, MN.  Arvig offers local telephone, long distance, digital cable television, high-speed Internet, and more to residents and businesses in central Minnesota.  Arvig prides itself on delivering cutting-edge technology to the rural communities it services.  To learn more about Arvig, visit

About CommSoft
CommSoft’s software solutions give communication service providers the ability to conduct their customer care and billing operations from one fully integrated, convergent system.  Our ability to centralize data reduces costs, increases efficiency and enables better service.  CommSoft customers benefit from the ability to offer a single bill for all their services including wireless, wireline, cable, and Internet.  For more information, go to

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