CommSoft,  a leading provider of BSS/OSS and service activation software, announced that Farmers Telephone Cooperative (FTC) has expanded VTC to include the additional provisioning of new devices.  VTC is CommSoft’s service activation suite that takes the human out of provisioning and activates Video, Voice, Wireless, data, and more.  Integrated with FTC’s existing network element technology, VTC significantly reduces man-hours by automating and integrating service additions, removals, and a myriad of changes.

FTC needed the ability to activate wireless service for its subscribers easily and efficiently.  They also needed to give its retail partners the same ability but without the hassle of having to manually activate service at the switch level.  To satisfy these needs, CommSoft is building an LTE activation and provisioning web portal for use by FTC and its partners to configure wireless subscribers data services.  This portal will allow FTC and its partners to provide the superior level of service its customers have been accustomed to while also gaining the operational efficiencies they desired.

“We’ve been using CommSoft’s service activation and automation for several years and have grown accustomed to the continual expansion of functionality in the VTC product,” said Robert Higbe, Farmers Telephone Cooperative CIO.  “Once we identified the need for further automation of our network environment, we knew who to turn to.”

“FTC’s needs for activation and automation are growing as their business is expanding,” said Dave Strand, CommSoft’s Product Manager – TC/VTC.  “VTC was constructed in such a manner as to be able to grow and expand as a business grows. FTC’s previous experience with VTC gave them the ability to take advantage of that capability.”

Also as part of this VTC expansion at FTC, VTC will be configuring end-to-end service order provisioning for LTE-HSS to the Alcatel-Lucent Subscriber Data Manager (SDM).

About Farmers Telephone Cooperative
Founded in 1951, Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is a local, multifaceted telecommunications company headquartered in Kingstree, S.C.  Serving more than 60,000 customers within a coverage area of 3,000 square miles, FTC provides cutting-edge technology to businesses and residents of Clarendon, lower Florence, Lee, Sumter and Williamsburg counties.

A veteran of the telephone industry, FTC has evolved into a state-of-the-art organization, offering phone, digital TV, Internet, security, and wireless.  Customers can choose from a wide array of products and services at any of the company’s eight full-service business offices.  For more informaiton, go to

About CommSoft
CommSoft’s software solutions give communication service providers the ability to conduct their customer care and billing operations from one fully integrated, convergent system.  Our ability to centralize data reduces costs, increases efficiency and enables better service.  CommSoft customers benefit from the ability to offer a single bill for all their services including wireless, wireline, cable, and Internet.  For more information, go to

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