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The Name of the Game is Simplify

That’s the message we’ve been getting at recent tradeshows we’ve attended. Simplify content delivery – how about streaming your tv service over an app and skip the converter box altogether, Simplify how your customers can access their services and Simplify Order Taking.

CommSoft introduced a “new philosophy for doing business” at several of the tradeshows. We call this “new philosophy” MyCommV. This new suite of role based app’s have shortened the order taking process by allowing CSR, techs, and other employees to focus on the tasks that are most important to their job and their focus. During the Calcom Tech Expo in Sacramento last week, CommSoft presented the MyCommV app’s to a select group of attendees and the response was unanimous. MyCommV is a huge success and a win for those looking to Simplify their business and change the way they look at applications and roles. MyCommV makes the complex look easy. We also let the apps speak for themselves when we handed our tablets to random tradeshow attendees at RTIME in Austin, TX in February and walked them through setting up a triple play in minutes. Many remarked how the brightly colored, large font, logically organized data made the app easy to follow and allowed them to focus on the tasks that are most important to their job and their business.

Look for MyCommV and this new philosophy coming soon to a tradeshow near you.

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