At CommSoft, we view our customers as partners and integral to the success of our product development process. After all, we don’t deliver cookie-cutter solutions. We try to build our solutions around your needs. Therefore, a big first step in the engagement process is to get to know your business and attain your valuable input into the product roadmap and decisions on future technology. We value our customers’ input and they value our commitment to the product and their future.

Customer Retention & the CommSoft Suite
“CommSoft has given us the back-office solution, that we needed to grow our business” – Rich Baughman, Vice President IT, Shentel


When it comes to establishing partnerships with our customers, CommSoft is always thinking about the big picture. We aren’t only committed to you today—we hope to be your trusted partner and develop a long-standing partnership for years to come.

Some of the key reasons why we are able to retain our customers are the constant development of the CommSoft software suite and the superior service our customers get from the CommSoft team. For instance, this suite has tremendous scalability and reliability to last for our customers as their needs evolve and the market changes. Our product is built so that an organization that chooses CommSoft will not have to go through the process of a billing software search again.

In addition, the relationships we have built with our current customers serve as reference points for potential new relationships. We welcome the opportunity to foster a new customer base to add to our growing and extended CommSoft team!

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