CommSoft Certification Program

As iCommVergence continues to grow and evolve, the primary goal of this program is to provide a framework of operational best practices that will enable customers to maintain a high level of excellence. In so doing, customers will get the most out of iCommVergence. CommSoft Certification is a completely voluntary program open to all customers with active support agreements.
Enterprise Certification Requirements
Participating customers who meet the requirements listed below will be recognized for CommSoft Enterprise Certification. These requirements will be reviewed bi-annually in conjunction with the release schedule to ensure compliancy:

  • Current on iCommVergence releases
  • Implementation and use of best practices
  • Participation in support calls
  • Attendance in release and sprint webinars
  • Attendance at annual users’ group conference


User Certification Program
Participating users who meet the requirements listed below will become CommSoft Certified Users. This credential will be granted to CommSoft users who achieve and maintain mastery of CommSoft products. These requirements will be reviewed yearly:

  • User certification requirements
  • Completion of end user training
  • Attendance in release and sprint webinars
  • Completion of annual continuing education units


Benefits and Recognition
Organizational quality and optimization of system and employee effectiveness are among the reasons to pursue Enterprise Certification. Keeping the system up-to-date and configured according to recommended best practices means you’re getting the most out of the system. We want you to succeed!

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