CommSoft Users’ Conference

User Group Conference
For almost 30 years, The CommSoft Users’ Conference has provided our customers with the opportunity to learn more about our systems, network with CommSoft users, and provide product feedback to our development team.

This three-day conference is comprised of training sessions, informational meetings, demonstrations, product-focused breakouts, and networking sessions. This event alternates between Albany, NY and other major cities such as Denver and Minneapolis.

The CommSoft Users’ Conference can help you:
These meetings have proved invaluable in our efforts to solicit feedback from our customers in all areas of our business and are highly rated by our customer attendees.

“I wish other companies would visit with you on how to run a user group. You have some really great people working at CommSoft and that makes all the difference in comparison to other companies.” – Darlyn Brown-GVTC

“Presenters were very knowledgeable on their topics. I think the User Group meetings are terrific.” –
Mary Beth Muszynski – Arvig Companies



29th Annual Users’ Conference

September 10-13, 2018  |  Lake George, New York

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