Billing can be a complex process that requires careful attention-to-detail and demands top quality service.  With iCommVergence, you can effectively provide billing for all of today’s current telecommunications services and stay prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. This automated solution can help you send bills out on time, typically requiring less resources and time than you spend today.

Take advantage of a single system, next-generation OSS/BSS solution that can help you:

  • Conduct all of your billing functions from a single system
  • Implement table-driven functionality for extended flexibility
  • Deliver a superior CSR experience
  • Foster a converged multi-service environment
  • Develop a rules-driven engine for flexibility
  • Handle all billing, customer care, rating, trouble management, payment and POS functions
  • Integrate web-service driven technology to third parties
  • Realize flexible bundling and discounting options
  • Improve overall workflow processes

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