Successfully managing your revenue stream requires having a robust platform to handle large data volumes and application workload demands. CommSoft introduces i5: a hardware and software platform that is purpose-built for the task at hand.

IBM Power Systems with i is the reliable hardware backbone your infrastructure needs. The highly available Power System with i allows you to run multiple on-demand computing environments on a single server with extensive growth options, resource allocation and intuitive management tools.

Our software, employing an n-Tier architecture, is developed using 4GL tools that generate code native to the platform enabling rapid application development, and optimum runtime performance. Our relational data model utilizing DB2 compounds the attributes of what is already an incredibly robust foundation.

With a PC or LAN, you probably can’t say that your system never goes down. But with CommSoft’s platform, you can—with surety. And our customers will tell you the same thing. When it comes to reliability, CommSoft’s platform is something you can bet your billing on.

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