Unified Communications

An innovative communication “hub” within iCommVergence that can send, track and manage the varying types of communications that flow out of the system.

Working within iCommVergence, automatic communication can be configured as well as “on-demand” communications based on need. These communications can be sent internally (intra-company) or externally (outside the company).

CommSoft’s Unified Communications works based on specific items, ie. type of communication – email or sms, the format of the communication – html or text, the type of recipient, the template to use for the body, as well as the data extract type for the communication. This user-defined communications network allows for company specific design and message to be created with ease that occur in the system, i.e., payment received, order finalized, etc., as well as those generated on demand”, i.e., welcome emails and texts, Happy Birthday, etc.”.

Download Unified Communications Material

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