Client Support

person4Making sure that our clients’ needs are met is CommSoft’s number one priority. We understand that the support experience is often the sole determining factor between a valued software provider and an alternative. That’s why we have spent two decades creating and constantly refining one of the most comprehensive billing and OSS support programs available.

We promise:

    • Quality Assurance—by adhering to a strict software development lifecycle methodology and enforcing stringent coding standards, the quality assurance unit assures the reliability, and integrity of our software and documentation.


    • Product Support—our client support team is staffed with product experts and a specialized technical staff that is trained and certified in providing assistance where and when you need it.


    • Consulting Services—the consulting services team is available to help with a number of items, including calculating your return on investment, as well as provide specific product enhancements, configurations, and customizations.


    • Account Managers—assigned to each account who report directly to the COO.


    • Documentation and Technical Writing Services—creation of all master documentation in addition to bi-annual release notes that accompany each release.



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