Professional Services

Your business is so spread out that it can be hard to keep track of the areas that could use increased efficiency. In addition to understanding how to streamline your own efficiencies, you are faced with keeping up with market changes that could affect the viability of your business as a whole.

How can your organization keep both sides of the house in order to stay competitive day in and day out?

CommSoft can field a team of specialized trainers, configuration experts, experienced project managers and programmers that can help you cover a lot of ground. The principal goal of our professional services is to align your core technology needs with your business objectives.

Our approach involves:

    • System Optimization Reviews: The CommSoft Project team performs a thorough review of specific areas of the system with the intent of streamlining operations. Based on our findings, we could recommend team training or assistance with configuration efforts.


    • Training Sessions: A training consultant or an SME performs onsite or remote training. Training can be customized to client needs and comprised of any one or a mix of a la carte topics from the Course Catalog. Pre-packaged courses are also available for common training needs.


    • System Configuration Advice and Consultation: An SME can provide consultation on making sizeable decisions regarding system configuration. Examples may be the consideration of adding an additional site, deciding how to set up discounting to handle a new marketing campaign, or deciding whether to use certain new functionality.


    • Project Management: Project Management services are available for any project or across multiple projects (i.e. we can offer comprehensive portfolio management.)


    • Business Analysis: Interviews are conducted with team members to determine their unique business needs. An example may be a company-wide need for reports. Services would include interviews with all stakeholders to determine and consolidate needs.


    • Conversion and Migration Programming: We assist with converting information from file to file within our CommSoft systems or migrating information for a new line of business or service.


    • Data Entry: Procurement and management of temporary resources is enacted to assist with large scale data entry projects involving CommSoft projects.


For more information contact your CommSoft Account Manager!

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