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Creating a Customer Service Superhero

By Missy Frenyea; VP of Operations and Laura Knussman; Manager of Product Management


“superhero”: noun \  su·per·hero  \ ˈsü-pər-ˌhir-(ˌ)ō , -ˌhē-(ˌ)rō

  1. a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also : an exceptionally skillful or successful person.


We often think of superheroes as individuals who can do the impossible while wearing a cape and tights.  Now if you strip away the fancy duds, a superhero is really someone who is amazing at what they do, be it leaping tall buildings in a single bound or saving lives without ego or visions of grandeur.  What would it take to turn your CSRs into Superheroes?  Would it be 360-degree vision of customer account information?  The ability to predict customer needs in a flash?  Continuously exceeding customer expectations? Or how about supersonic speed when answering customer inquiries? 

These are the powers that CommSoft’s latest and greatest MyCommV Productivity App provides to turn your mild-mannered CSRs into full-fledged superheroes!  The CSR Portal enables your customer service team to customize a dashboard of carefully curated, powerful widgets that are purpose-built with the CSR in mind. Here are some of the key features that empower CSRs to meet and exceed the many demands they face on a daily basis:

  • Customer To-Do’s: Maximize the value of every customer interaction with an intelligent To-Do list. Your CSR is presented with a list of action items specific to the customer they are currently engaged with. Action items may include taking care of past due payments, appointment reminders, upcoming end dates, possible upgrades, etc. The Customer To-Dos are automatically presented when the customer’s account is accessed and ensure that every interaction is as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Quick Look Up with Key Data: Immediately access customer account information with the Quick Look Up.  Indicators, important data elements, custom attributes all display in a flash to enable the CSR to answer questions immediately.
  • Personal Task List: Maximize productivity across your CSR team with the Personal Task List. This widget enables CSRs to create and manage personal tasks to be completed throughout the day. It also provides a powerful tool for Supervisors to assign tasks to team members to ensure progress is made on important initiatives and special projects. Doesn’t closing tasks as you complete them make you feel super?  You betcha.
  • Powerful Quick Actions: Update account information with minimal keystrokes.  These quick actions allow you to make payments, create new customers, add charges, and many other important customer service tasks just by clicking a button. The high-performance design simplifies the user experience while ensuring accuracy.

All the best superheroes are ordinary people that are able to transform and perform extraordinary things. With the CSR Portal, your mild-mannered front-line team will be able to move at the speed of a bullet and be way more powerful than a locomotive.  They will transform into Customer Service Superheroes.

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