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29th Annual Users Conference Sponsors


The CommSoft team works hand in hand with our partners – to future proof our customer’s businesses. The 29th Annual Users’ Conference will take place on September 10th to September 13th in Lake George, New York – with the overlying theme of innovation.  This event surpasses beyond a traditional users conference. It offers a multi-faceted range of attendees, opportunities for training sessions, informational meetings, demonstrations, product-focused breakouts, and networking sessions with the CommSoft team and it’s partners.


Avalara individually helps businesses reach their wants, their needs, and their goals through both communication/sales tax calculating as well as filing and remitting solutions and services. Avalara has helped CommSoft navigate through a rapid change of rates and rules with the advanced software our company uses. This cloud-based software has given us quick, easy, and reliable solutions to meet our needs.

MapCom Systems

MapCom Systems is a Visual Operations System which includes managing workforce such as the plant and people of our company in addition to fiber, coax, wireless, ad copper networks. This system has enabled users as well as CommSoft to combine and connect data from previous systems to an impressive interaction between all of our network elements. MapCom Systems has provided CommSoft with beneficial communication between the different departments our company contains by using a central source of data. This Visual Operating System has constantly provided our company with quick, accurate, and beneficial responses.


MPX is all about the customer touchpoint experience. They have been able to provide our company with the tools and the “know-how” for us to understand the best possible way to deliver the leading customer service experience. Between applying both words and images for clarity, delivering different forms of communications, directly solving the issues at hand, finding the right options material vs cost effectiveness, and much more, MPX has provided CommSoft with solutions that work bringing comfort, satisfaction, and support to our team.

OSG Billing Services

OSG Billing focuses on providing their customers with the highest level of service. They have created a batch of products and services that configure to meet any specific need that their partners are looking for. This company has provided us with beneficial communications that have consistently been on time and effective for CommSoft. OSG Billing Services is all about their creativity and innovation which has provided our company with top notch service.


Paymentus provides the billing and payment options that are in demand for our company. We make our payments when and how we need to for our consistency with their user-friendly experience for us. Paymentus has made it easier on us as well as our customers by managing and monitoring all payments, providing us to make our own access to the accounts, viewing and downloading payment history, and being allowing us comprehensive and flexible ways to give these options to our customers.

To learn more about the CommSoft Users’ Conference, please visit our conference site or contact Marketing@commsoft.net

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