As the telecom industry continues to grow on a daily basis, service providers are tasked with tackling certain areas of focus including driving agility, driving down churn, managing a digital lifestyle and creating quality communications.

Our products and platform can help you face each of these challenges head on to achieve sustainable success.

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Online. On time. Support whenever you need it.

At CommSoft, we believe that the quality of product support is as important as the software itself.  Your support experience often makes the difference between a vendor you appreciate and one that you tolerate. At CommSoft, we are very happy to offer one of the most comprehensive support offerings in the industry.

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In an IT world in which quality, experience and know how can be hard to find, CommSoft stands out amongst the crowd. For nearly 30 years, we have been an industry-leading software development organization. Our end-to-end billing and OSS software suite can cover a myriad of voice, video, data, and wireless services from a common platform. This all-encompassing product suite is designed to meet the needs of each department in your company.

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Leveraging CommSoft products gives GVTC the capability to remain competitive, create efficiency and leverage the latest technology our employees and customers want..

-Roger Lewis, Manager Business Operations & Billing

Customer Service


With iCommVergence, you can effectively provide billing for all of today’s telecommunications services and stay prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. This automated solution can help you send bills out on time, typically requiring less resources and time than you spend today.

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When it comes to providing flow through provisioning and auditing capabilities, VTC is the central hub from iCommVergence into (and out of) any disparate system. Specifically, VTC can link to any other system regardless of the type or source location.

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Being able to gain key metrics and KPIs from your customer and service data is the next step in the data mining process. CommBI empowers users to generate their own graphical reports in the form of dashboards, chart layouts, and filters, with powerful drill-down capabilities.

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Today’s communication service extends past closing hours. Meeting the needs of your customers and subscribers — whether they are families, small businesses or otherwise — means providing 24×7 access to web portals that are user-friendly and pain-free.

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We approach every project the same way – by keeping our customers’ interests front and center.

Larry Davis

President and CEO

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